Design & Production

How do I design a t-shirt?
Browse through our collection of ready made designs, or choose from our catalog of graphics and fonts. Let your creativity flow and share your ideas with us. We can help bring them to life. Once you have a design in mind, we can print right on the spot! Are you an artist? Or do you have a favorite photo you would like to print on a tee? You can use your own digital artwork! All we ask is that you make sure that all artwork and photos are high res. If you are sending in a Photoshop file, we recommend an unflattened .psd file for best results. 

What process do you use to print the shirts?
We use digital printing for most orders with 25 or less shirts.  The digital printing we use is a state of the art process that uses inkjet technology to print color packed designs and graphics on most garments, within minutes. We do also offer screen printing for heavy bulk orders. 

How long does it take to print a shirt?
It really just depends on how many orders are before you on that day, but most of the time, it takes less than 30 minutes to print a shirt.

Can I print just one shirt?
Yup, you sure can! We have no minimums!

What type of files do you accept?
We accept files in vector format, .psd or .jpg. PDF’s are also acceptable.  All files must be high resolution. (300 DPI)

Can you match the colors of my design?
The colors on the computer screen are never exactly the same as the actual printed colors on the shirts. We do our best to color match as close as possible.

What are the care instructions for your t-shirts?
Like any other t-shirts, it is recommended that you wash your shirts in cold water, inside out. The quality and life of the shirts depends on how well you take care of them.


Pricing & Ordering

How do the t-shirts fit?
Most Tiny Buffalo tees are printed on 100% American Apparel. Women’s shirts are form fitting, and are a bit on the smaller side, so we recommend to order a size up. The Unisex shirts are more of a relaxed fit. Check the Size Chart for more information.

How much does it cost for one t-shirt?
The shirts range from $25-30 depending on the print you choose. This includes the shirt and one side print. An additional $5-10 will be added for a second print on the same shirt. It will be $15-20 for the print fee if you bring in your own shirt.

Do you take bulk orders?
Yes we do. Our small bulk orders start at 10. We offer screen printing for heavy bulk orders. Please call us for a quote.

What is the turnaround time for bulk orders?
Usually about a week, depending on the quantity.

Can I order online?
Yes, go to our Upload Your Design page, and you can upload and enter your information there. You can also browse through our collection of t-shirt designs on our online shop.

What if I need to order a special size or style?
If you are looking for a specific style or size, just let us know, and we will gladly order it for you. Check out our Available Products.